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Book View Café Announces Winner in Steampunk Photo Contest

Christa Newman has won first place in the BVC Extraordinary Steampunk Photo Contest for her photo of a leather apron-clad steampunk diva. Ms. Newman will be given a copy of BVC's THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY: Tales of the Steam Age, Vol. I as well as Vol. II when it is published in December.

Second place goes to Randolph Fritz for his photo of two stempunk characters in masquerade. Readers’ choice goes to Randolph Fritz as well for his steamy cityscape photo. Photos by Travis Lilley and Patricia Rogers won honourable mentions.

Photos of the winning entries can be viewed at:

Selected contest entries may be used in Volume II of THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY.

Congratulations to our winners!

Pick up your own copy of THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY in the Book View Cafe bookstore:

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