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It's fun again!

Back in the derby game after a knee injury, worrying whether I'd have fun or just be too tired to roll--tonight's practice was like that big cannon staring me in the face, with the fuse lit.

But it was SUPER FUN!  Turns out, I get energized by hitting other women.  And by hitting back!   Damn.  The skating around in circles for twenty minutes at a time makes me tired, but hitting and being hit, WOW what fun!!!  And it turns out that if I'm gonna get hit, and take the offensive and hit first before they can clobber me, they kind of  lay off me after that.  Just a little bit.  Heh!

I hit the ground a lot tonight.  Couple of three-girl pileups, plus some serious clockation from time to time.  I think I'm supposed to hate that, but I just -- Plain -- DON'T!    I love it!  LOVE IT!!!

I'm supposed to be asleep right now.  Instead I'm lying awake, grinning into the dark, reliving the flying-through-the-air-and-falling just as much as the zooming-up-and-clobbering.

Okay, somebody go get her meds.
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