November 15th, 2009


Back from the dead

but not partying much. Holy crow, it's been a long time since I posted here. Lots of changes, but lots of fun.

1) I'm on LOA from the Windy Ctiy Rollers farm team, as I have been given one more six-month cycle in which to become draftworthy, and (being ooooold) I know it will take me more like a year, so I am "banking" my last cycle and taking the next six months or so to skate with the Fleetwood speed skating team and try to get my skills up. When I swim I can go up, down, sideways, backwards, and do immelmans; the water is part of me. I'm pretty comfy on a horse, too--most any horse. I can't say that about my skates yet, and I'll need to before I'm boutworthy.

2) I'm getting a book ready for release on Book View Cafe which I dearly love and have wanted to see out there forever: FOOLS PARADISE, a romantic comedy about stagehands. For my friends who have kindly been beta reading it for me for the past two years, this is the one that begins with a Targa full of live smelt. It's kind of Romeo & Juliet, only blue collar, and funny, and sexy, and nobody dies. Look for it there no later than January 1.

3) Last week my car broke down and I had to use the bike to get everywhere. The very day the car was done, I wiped out on the street and fell heavily on my right knee (the "good" knee). I thought the knee was frangleberried. However, it is merely pissed off. If I can get it calmed down enough to restore full range of motion I'll be on skates again by Tuesday, thank god. Because at my age, when you stop exercising for five or six days, the entire chassis puffs up. It's like dropping a marshmallow into hot chocolate, only you also have to run out and buy new pants a size larger.

4) Kyle Thiessen, Eden Robins, Ling Ma, and I did the voice exercise and then goofed off with collaging the other night, which was loads of fun. I now have a haflway decent collage started for my new Slacker Demons series, which I think I will love if I can figure out some heroines. My heroine is always my weak spot. I tend to phone her in until I realize that my lazyass-writer default heroine is a raging bitch, and then I have to rebuild her from scratch. This time we will do better.

5) It's been an incredibly lovely autumn here in the Chicago area. There's an ornamental fruit tree people use a lot here whose name I don't know, but it flowers a pinkish-white in spring, very fragrantly, and in autumn it turns yellow, orange, flame red, dark red, and plum red, plus green, all different colors at the same time. Ridiculously colorful. I don't recall these trees being so colorful in past years, so perhaps the conditions have been just right for the showiest version.

6) Migrating crows are coming back to the Chicago area for the winter. Yay!

7) I was privileged to see an invited dress rehearsal of THE ADDAMS FAMILY MUSICAL a couple of nights ago. This show is AWESOME! Bebe Neuwirth and Nathan Lane. I'm a huge Bebe fan, so it was a thrill. Seriously, you will wish you could get tix.